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B. Melusine Mihaltses  is a Certified life coach, a Published author, intuit artist, Priestess, writer and a Woman’s group facilitator.  She is also a classically trained singer, holding both a Bachelors and a Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy.  From an early age she expressed and exemplified a passionate creative, artistic soul and her spirituality has always been steeped and deeply intertwined in her numerous creative expressions.  She is a Goddess priestess, dedicated to the intense study of various goddesses from around the world and her commitment to understanding their positive influence on women is undeniable.  As founder and priestess of, Grove of the Feminine Divine, one of the few all-women’s Goddess group in Texas in 2008, she has been an active promoter of woman’s empowerment and an advocate for women reclaiming their power and returning to their Goddess gifts.  She Coaches her private clients weekly and monthly, she organizes beautiful gatherings in her home temple to encourage sisterhood, commemorate the changing seasons and honor various notable deities significant in every woman’s journey.  These celebratory gatherings are a testament of her love and devotion to her gender’s empowerment and the immortal Sacred Feminine.  Her first book, “Gatherings for Goddess, a Complete Manual for Priestessing Women’s Circles,” holds her priestessing journey, invaluable lessons and precious experiences throughout the creation, nurturance and sustenance of this group.  It is a treasure trove of insight for anyone heeding the call to promote community, wommin’s Circles and Goddess Spirituality.  In her other published books; Goddess Grimoire Journal, a Collection of Simple Prose and Spells,” and “Living Goddess Spirituality, a Feminine Divine Priestessing Handbook,” and “The Spellcrafting Coach, A Metaphysical Guide to Revamp your Life,” she continues to share her vast research on Goddess mythologies, Metaphysical tools, artistic creative expressions, inspiring words and her unique journey as a GoddessWomyn. She is also the creator of a beautiful 70x card Oracle deck and guidebook that features her own unique artworks titled, “Feminine Divine Works Intuitive Oracle,” and she also created the “Major Arcana Goddess Living Tarot” with its accompanied colored guidebook. All of her creations are available on Amazon, her FeminineDivineWorks Etsy page and you can also learn more at her website, http://www.femininedivineworks.com
As a Goddess Gathering Women’s group Facilitator and a private life coach, she incorporates her training as a Certified Life Coach to empower women. Her mission in life is to fully co-create with women and help them reshape their lives and reclaim their inherent gifts through a more Feminine exalting tradition found in Goddess Spirituality. You can learn more about her Life Coaching Practice at www. GoddessWomyn.com previously known as www.Goddessempowermentlifecoaching.com.
Growing up in New York City afforded her many opportunities for Spiritual growth and knowledge.  She was exposed to numerous learning venues, women’s circles and greater opportunities to further her Metaphysical studies.  In these numerous women circles, B. Melusine unearth great magick, empowerment, healing, sisterhood and an ancient way of being that resonated deeply with her core beliefs. A student at The Source of Life and at the New York Open Center, she studied tarot with renowned psychic/tarot reader Patti Canova.  She also participated in numerous seminars on spiritual matters, drumming circles and rituals. She participated in open Sabbat  rituals held by thealogian Susan Marie Hellerer, DMIV, lectures by Margot Adler, author of “Drawing Down the Moon” and Phyllis Currott, author of “Book of Shadows“ & “Witch Crafting” and HP of Temple of Ara.  At the Learning Annex she took classes on traditional magick, tarot and participated in lectures and rituals held by Donna Limoge, co-author of “Sexual Bewitchery and other Ancient Feminine Wiles.” She was part of a yearlong Pagan Grove study, at New York City’s emblematic “Enchantments, Inc.” and at the Zodiac Lounge, on the upper Westside, she was a member of The Zodiac Lounge Women’s Circle, an all-female Goddess centered group led by High Priestess Jezibell. At “Crystal Quilt,” in Manhattan,N.Y.C. She participated in a weekly, all female circle, advocating the tradition of –“Wise-Woman Healing Ways” and it was facilitated by Robin Rose Bennett; a well-known Herbologist, student of Susun Weed, Green-Witch and author of “Healing Magic; A Greenwitch’s  Guidebook.” It was in these early precious Women’s circles, amongst some of the most amazing powerful teachers and sisters (“all of us were hungry for wisdom, healing and knowledge,” she remembers) that her life started to shift in ways she had not anticipated.  These circles along with the numerous female centered Goddess literatures she was being exposed to like; Shekhinah Mountainwater, Z. Budapest, Marion Weinstein, Ffiona Morgan, Diane Stein, all sparked a greater interest in Women’s spirituality. These early Goddess and women centered groups enriched her life greatly and in the presence of such great teachers, facilitators and priestesses, she was privileged to learn a great deal about how to formulate groups and circles that nurture Women’s spirituality.

Mrs. Mihaltses also participated in several Goddess Gatherings sojourns; traveling to San Jose California, to attend the 2008 Goddess Gathering, where she finally met and was initiated by beloved founder of the Feminist Dianic Wiccan tradition, Z. Budapest. The following year, she traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to attend yet another important Dianic event.This time B.Melusine partook of Dianic Author and songstress, Ruth Barrett’s Daughter of Diana Festival. She attended this annual Goddess Gathering and here, she continued to expand her ritual experiences and knowledge of Goddess Spirituality.

In the autumn of 2013, B. Melusine Mihaltses was a presenter of workshops at the first, Goddess Spirit Rising International Goddess Conference, held in Malibu, California along with giving lecures at local events, introducing some of her works. Early summer of 2013, B. Melusine Mihaltses was the recipient of “The Shift Network Team Scholarship” for additional studies on Women Leadership and Spirituality. This scholarship was offered to her for participation and further course studies in the, “Soulful Women Rising, Living your Soul’s calling to Co-create a New World,” taught by Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Kalila Doughty, the founders of, “Inspiring Women Summit.” With this training she intends to enhance her work as a Priestess, writer and Life coach for women and hopes to be of greater service to her Spiritual community.
A native New Yorker, B. Melusine is mother of three, handfasted and married for over eighteen years and is now making her home in the south of Texas. Currently she is working on the release of a recording of original Pagan Goddess chants and her seventh book, “Goddess Coaching Companion.” In 2019 she is scheduled to publish her long awaited art collection in a book titled, “Goddess Inspired, Artistic Offerings to the Sacred Feminine.” Along with her published books, you can also find her unique creations, her special Oracle card decks and her Intuit-Goddess-Art on canvases at, http://www.femininedivineworks.com. Information on her Life Coaching services can be found at http://www.GoddessWomyn.com.

  1. Meet the Founder of     Feminine Divine Works
    Meet the Founder of Feminine Divine Works
  2. B. Melusine Mihaltses,                             C.L.C., M.M., B.M.
    B. Melusine Mihaltses, C.L.C., M.M., B.M.
  3. B. Melusine Mihaltses,
C.L.C., M.M., B.M.
    B. Melusine Mihaltses, C.L.C., M.M., B.M.